Monday, August 3, 2009

Mini album

So I am having a little trouble with the mini album i am currently making. I can't think of any creative ways to display my pictures. Its mainly an album for pictures, not much journaling. Its of my 2 girls of course lol. I have 2-3 pictures to display on each page, I have 1 or 2 more pages left and i ave run out of ideas.

I did a little flip up card type thing on one page, I made 2 tags out of pictures and they slid in under some ribbon, and for the one page that i had 7 pictures that i really wanted in there i made a little envelope, and put them on a sheet of paper that i folded acordian style. I have one page that has 2 pictures that are verticle and 1 that is horizontal and i really want all three of them on there.

The album is about 6x6 and it looks like a scalloped diamond shape. Any ideas or thought would be greatly appriciated. I will get pictures up of it as soon as i am finished. I like it so far, its not the greatest, buts its my first one.

I am not putting a whole lot of embelishments on it only because I will be taking this one to work with me to show people, and will be handled by a lot of people. I work at a resteraunt on friday nights and there are so many regulars that ask about my daughters, like how they are doing and everything. So i thought i could bring in this mini album to show whoever wants to see, so they can see how much the girls have grown.

ok well I am off to work on it a little more!!

Thank you!!

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