Friday, April 9, 2010

Redoing My scraproom/The Girls Playroom

I am currently in the process of redoing my scraproom/the girls playroom. So far so good! We have started by paintng the room. It used to be a lighter blue. We painted it 3 walls off white (the color is angel food) and one wall a lighter pink (the color is sheer pink) It turned out exactly how i imagined it so I am very Happy! The next step in all the furniture. I want to build a customized desk and some shelves. I have most of what i need. We are now in the process of putting everything together. I am so excited about getting this done. I even got one of those making memories embelishment centers with a 50% off cupon at michaels. I have room for another one and i would really like to get another one. However, i would only get it if i can get another 50% off cupon , I could use a 40% cupon but its still a little pricey. We will see. Once i get the desk all built and and some of the girls stuff in the room, Then we will see what else i can fit in there Ha. It is a good size room so i know i can fit a lot more in there then what i have right now. Just got to figure out the best way to get maximum capacity out of the space. I Will be putting a couple before pictures up soon. I wish i got a good before picture but i didnt take any when i was all nice and clean. I took some after we moved the big closet out that was in there. I just thought it was a waste of space cuz it didnt hold much and it was hard for the girls to get at some stuff., but most of all it didnt go with the color schem of the furniture lol. I want all white furniture in the room. So i will be putting up some picture soon, of the before and the aftr so far. I may need some storage suggestions for some stuff. I will hopefully be doing a youtube video after i get most of the funriture and some stuff in there. That is if i can get the nerve up to do one! Ok so stay tuned for pictures!!